What to Expect on this Site

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” 

— Warren Buffett
The mighty oak tree of personal finance 💰

Welcome to the Personal Finance Experiment – This blog is a laboratory of sorts when it comes to personal finance. We will approach some topics that are tried and true when it comes to the personal finance world, generate some experimental hypothesis and test these theories as well as have fun within the world of personal finance and investing.

Some of the topics we will cover

  • Lab tests – Reviews of books, services and more
  • Learning 101 – Exploring general financial concepts
  • Financial Experiments “It’s Alive!!” – A chance to dissect and creating some cool experiments
  • Random Topics – We turn on our “randomizer” and discuss anything current or topical
  • Throwback Thursday – look back in time for the state of technology and finance

We hope you can join us on this new journey – Experimentation awaits!


“The Lab Manager”

If you want to support our efforts at http://www.personalfinanceexperiment.com, please leave a comment, hit the like button and subscribe to the blog.

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