Introduction & Site Overview

Welcome to the Personal Finance Experiment – I’m the Finance “Lab Manager” and we are glad you are here. If you are looking for something different regarding personal finance, you have found it.

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We aren’t interested in the old “stodgy, stale” personal finance advice here, our goal is to test new ideas or “experiments” and also prove or disprove the traditional financial advice and see if it holds up to scrutiny and real world application.

We are also excited to work through these “experiments”, where we take some ideas and test scenarios and run them through real world test cases.

Note – This website is for informational and educational purposes only, please seek legal and professional help to discuss your specific circumstances prior to implementing anything that you read on this site.

Please know that this blog is open to feedback and we welcome your ideas!


The Lab Manager

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2 thoughts on “Introduction & Site Overview

  1. Nicely done & written.
    I’ve only just begun blogging in the past few weeks and notticed thhat lot oof articles simply rehash old ideas but add very lityle of value.
    It’s terrific to see aan educational write-up of some real value to
    me and your readers.
    It is going onn my list of things I need to replicate being a new blogger.
    Reader engagement and content qualkty are king.

    Soome fantastic suggestions; you have definitely made it on my list of sites to follow!

    Carry on the terrific work!
    All the best,


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